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Municipal Court

Court Appearances & Procedures


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Arraignments and Trials begin promptly at the time indicated on the citation.  The presiding judge will address the court and give instructions.  Please be sure to turn off all beepers and telephones before entering the courtroom.  Weapons on any kind are not allowed in the building that houses the courtroom.


Persons who have been charged, may enter their plea on the charge in one of three ways:


p Guilty (pay the fine and costs)


p Not Guilty (You are requesting a trial.  You must see the prosecutor before leaving the building to get a trial date and time.)


p Nolo Contendre (no contest) You have opted to not contest the charge and the punishment is at the discretion of the court


Persons charged with an expired driverís license, expired motor vehicle inspection or expired motor vehicle registration, that has not been expired more than sixty days and corrected it within twenty working days of the date of the citation or date of your first appearance which ever comes first and have proof that it has been corrected, may present proof prior to your court date at the clerks office or appear in court to see the judge for consideration under the law for dismissal and if dismissed a $20.00 administrative fee will be paid to the court clerk.  If you have been charged with failure to provide proof of financial responsibility and you did have insurance on the day you received the citation, show the proof to the court.  If it is correct, that case will be dismissed.  There is no administrative fee for financial responsibility.


Note:  Only the judge can dismiss tickets.  If you have a ticket that you might want to try to get dismissed, you have to show it to the judge on your arraignment night.